Hat and Jewelry Care

Hat Care

Keep your hat looking as fresh and perfect as the day you got it with our tried and true hat care tips below. 

Removing lint, dust, and debris from your hat is simple. Our favorite way to keep your wool or felt hat looking good as new is using a lint roller to lightly remove any remnants from your hat.

Remove makeup, lotion, and any other smudges from your hat using a hat sponge. Using one sponge for dark hats and once sponge for light hats will ensure a fresh, clean finish!

If you experience bending on the brim of your hat, you can lightly steam the brim, removing the steam as soon as the material heats up, and bend the brim back into place. This trick is especially helpful after traveling.

To clean the sweatband, use a baby wipe or mild soap and water along with a washcloth to gently blot or scrub the band.


Jewelry Care

Materials used in Murphy Label jewelry pieces are carefully selected by our buying team to ensure the best quality possible. By nature, jewelry is delicate and should be taken care of to ensure that your jewelry lasts forever! 

Avoid perfumes and products with harsh chemicals, and cleaning agents to prevent discoloration. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place like a jewelry box or pouch. For products with stones, avoid prolonged exposure to water to protect those pieces specifically. You can use a microfiber cloth to clean and polish your jewelry. 

Most of our jewelry is sterling silver, stainless steel, or brass with 14K-18K gold plating. An extra layer of tarnish resistance is added to extend the life span of the jewelry. Our jewelry is either water resistant or waterproof, which will be listed on each products page.